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Standard Bank vehicle Finance

Standard Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance is one of the leading vehicle and capital equipment financiers in South Africa. Their dedicated team of experts will assist you with financing of any vehicle or asset and can arrange a funding package to suit your unique needs.


A wide range of finance products available to suite your specific needs.
Insurance products to protect the asset being financed.


Competitive fixed and variable interest rates.
A dedicated team of experts to assist you in buying the asset.
Flexible repayments terms can be structured to your requirements.
Enables you to finance the assets you can afford now.


An initiation fee.
A service fee.
The monthly instalments to settle the financed asset.
To apply for finance the following conditions apply:

  • minimum amount you may borrow is R40 000
  • vehicle or asset must be insured for the life time of the loan
  • minimum repayment period is 12 months

Approved applications not taken up will lapse 30 days after the date of approval.

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