African Advantage Payday Loans

African Advantage has introduced a revolutionary Payday loan that gives you fast, same day approval for all your payday loans. All you have to do is apply online for an African Advantage card from the comfort of your own home or office, get approved and take care of your precious responsibilities. Whether its fuel, car break down or just to get through to your next pay day.


The African Advantage payday loan comes with the following benefits:
• Once off application so you won’t need to apply again
• Low fees compared to Industry trends
• You receive your own secure and secure African Advantage Visa card
• No need to visit African advantage branches
• No charge if you don’t use the card

Don’t wait, apply here and claim your advantage!

African Advantage’s revolutionary “pay day loan” brings a variety of innovative benefits that aren’t traditionally available in the South African Pay day loan space and micro lending sector

You only need to apply once to enjoy a lifetime of credit with quick, hassle-free monthly renewal of your loan amount.

While other lenders charge a monthly service fee of up to R50.00 and never more than 5% of the loan amount.

Some charge up to 15% of the loan amount as an initiation fee, African Advantage Payday loans online will never charge more than 8% of the loan amount.

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