Vodacom Samsung S5 Trade in Deals

Vodacom Samsung S5 Trade in Deals

Vodacom  announced of deals to trade in older Samsung Galaxy S smartphones for discount on a Samsung Galaxy S5.

The deals listed are all based on Vodacom’s Smart S contract package, which with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and without discounts costs R469 per month for 24 months.

If you trade in a Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, or S4 then the monthly price of the Smart S contract for the Galaxy S5 becomes as follows:

  • Trade in Galaxy S2 – R429/month
  • Trade in Galaxy S3 – R409/month
  • Trade in Galaxy S4 – R339/month

Vodacom’s deal book also states that any other smartphone can be traded in for a R10/month discount on the Samsung Galaxy S5 with Smart S contract.

There is some fine print on the trade-in offers which reads as follows: “cellphone must switch on/power up, be intact, screen not damaged (no cracks, pixels missing, etc.), have a battery and cover and not be blacklisted.”

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is not the only new smartphone for which you can trade in an older device on Vodacom.

Trade-ins of various smartphones for the BlackBerry Z30, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Sony Xperia Z1, and Nokia Lumia 1520 are available.

Vodacom is also not the only operator that has published contract deals for the Samsung Galaxy S5 ahead of its official launch.

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