Personal Loans

Tender Support and Finance

Are you an entrepreneur in need of Tender Finance and Support ? Every entrepreneur can qualify for Tender Finance, provided the entrepreneur has a Team and a Plan in place in order to service a client.We assist small business owners to access Tender/Project Finance provided they have a contract with either the Government or Private Client

Invoice Discounting

Why wait eternally for Government or Customers to pay your invoices! With an invoice discounting facility, you can get your money straight away.We can assist you access up to 100% of your awaited funds in less than 48 hours on approval.


Practical Tendering

It is our company’s aims and objectives to impart our knowledge and skills to those who have the entrepreneurial spirit, but lack the necessary resources and skills in taking advantage of the current Government Procurement Processes and Policies.

It is therefore in this regard that we provide small business owners with Practical Tendering Skills to ensure that they take advantage of the current Government Procurement Processes and Policies aimed at giving first prference to companies owned and managed by previ


Strategic Tendering

The evaluation of the technicality and the functionality requirements of the Tender

Meet the technical and functionality requirements of the Tender

Drafting and Compilation of the Tender Proposal

Submission and Presentation of the Tender Proposal


Tender Resources
Provision of financial and non-financial resources for the execution, administration and management the Tender project

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