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Nedbank Dezign Student Credit Card

A Nedbank Dezign Student Credit Card is offered exclusively to students and the benefits are adjusted accordingly.  The payments can be spread over time and the monthly fee is a mere R5.  There is no annual service fee, no transaction fees for purchases, 55 days interest-free credit on purchases and one of the main benefits would be that you start building a good credit record for yourself if you use this card correctly and wisely.


  • Interest free credit – receive up to 55 days interest free credit on purchases provided that the full outstanding balance is paid by the payment due date
  • No transaction fee  – place regular payments on a Nedbank credit card – there is NO transaction fee (with the exception of the 20c government levy)
  • Instant source of funds  -A Nedbank credit card is an instant source of funds in case of an emergency
  • World wide acceptance at over 25 million merchants
  • The opportunity to build a credit record with Nedbank Ltd
  • A detailed monthly statement that allows you to monitor all your transactions
  • Accepted by millions of merchants, locally and abroad
  • Flexible repayment options that let you decide how much you wish to pay off each mont

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