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SA Home Loans launched to South African home owners and the public in February 1999. It was a great time in South Africa as the interest rates were at an all time high of 23.5%.

It was a time where South Africans were forced to start saving and watch their credit spending.
What SA Home Loans did, was come in at an incredible rate of 19.6% offering home owners a competitive alternative to traditional bank financing. This was the platform on which SA Home Loans built their business and, combined with their commitment to providing the best possible service,.

SA Home Loans offers a wide range of options, some of which are unique in the market.
Historically, banks provided all the home loan financing in South Africa. They secured their finances and funding from capital markets and lent those funds to consumers against the security of homeloans. For this service they charged a margin on the home loan of between 3 and 5 %.

That’s when for the first time in South Africa SA Home Loans launched in early 1999. They offered an alternative method of funding designed to bypass your traditional banks. What they would do is link lenders directly to the money markets i.e. the securities exchange. This non-banking concept is called securitization, a very well-known globally-accepted means of funding. In America, 40% of all home loans and home loan lending is securitised.

Variable Home Loan

– Standard variable interest rate
– Flexible term of up to 20 years.


– Their loyalty cash-back loan
– Interest refunds into the home loan account after first 2 years, for first five years of the loan
– Permanently discounted interest rate, for the life of the loan, after the initial five year period
– A flexible term of up to 20 years, or a 23 year term.

Interest Only

– Lowest installment option
– Instalment payments that cover only the interest on the home loan, with full settlement required at the end of loan term
– Option to make pre-payments
– 90% loan-to-value requirement


– An interest rate fixed for 20 years, with a rate review every 5 years
– Can fix all or only a portion of your home loan
– Unfixed portion of loan will have Variable home loan features
– If market rates rise, the fixed rate remains unchanged at the lowest level.

SA Home Loans also offers other home loan management options, such as Quick Cash, a bridging finance product at competitive rates, or risk protection products like CAP, which may be purchased to place a ceiling on interest rates.


How they work!


SA Home Loans has a distinctly non-bank approach to doing business. They pride themselves on being flexible, approachable and service orientated. They pioneered a new way of providing home loans by linking you directly to the money markets and passing the savings on to you.

Not a Mortgage Originator.

Mortgage Originators are intermediaries in the home purchase process, and operate like brokers. They source home loan offers from financial institutions that pay them a fee for finding new clients. SA Home Loans provides you with the home loan directly – much like the banks, but without the attitude.

SA Home Loans
have grown from strength to strength over the past 10 years, and while head officed in Durban, they now have 22 branches countrywide. Find out which of their Branches is closest to you, or phone 0860 2 4 6 8 10 for a Customer Contact Centre consultant.


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