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RCS Personal Loans

RCS Group is an financial independent company which offers individuals a variety of loans including personal loans, home loans, insurance, private label and retail credit cards.

Who may apply for such a loan?

RCS personal loans range from between R1000 to R50 000 and individuals between the ages of 21 and 65, who is permanently employed, and earning at least R2000 per month can apply.

Back up and quality service guaranteed

The RCS Group was established during 1999 by two business giants namely,Standard Bank with 45% shares and Foschini Group with 55% shares, and therefore financial expertise and customer service backup is guaranteed for your RCS personal loans; RCS is also listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

How do I go about applying for such a loan?

It really is as simply as filling out an online application from the RCS main website. Simply fill in the form with accurate information and a customer service advisor will contact you within 48 hours to complete the transaction. A real time credit check facility is available which automatically provides information regarding your current credit ranking, and whether or not you qualify for the loan amount.

Because client’s interest is taken to heart, the service agent will need to discuss your current expenses and how much you can afford to pay on a new loan. With this information a feasible approved loan amount will be provided; individuals must be truthful as most of your current credit liabilities and info will appear on the credit bureau listing.

Loan period and interest rates

The repayment on your loan will vary from between 12 to 60 months and the interest will be charged accordingly. Being an independent financial credit provider, individuals should note that the interest rates charges will most probably be higher than the personal loans provided by conventional banks. RCS personal loans are unsecured loans which also mean that no collateral or securities from the individual is required, and therefore motivates the higher interest rates charged and smaller loan amounts offered compared to secured loans.

Other fees

Other fees, including initiation and service fees might be applicable and individuals need to be aware of this. Individuals may be subject to undertake a small insurance policy which will cover your loan amount in the case of dread disease, permanent disability or death.

RCS personal loans are usually must easier to obtain and the application process is simple. Friendly and knowledgeable customer agents will be able to assist with any queries, and whether or not the requested personal loan and repayments will suit your budget. RCS personal loans are ideal to obtain if you require funds relatively quickly. It can therefore not be stressed enough to keep your current debt payments up to date to ensure trouble free and easy access to a RSC personal loan.

Individuals interested in applying for a RSC personal loan or who simply require more information, simply apply at their website.


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