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Applying for a personal loan online

It has never been easier applying for a personal loan. All banks and some credit providers offer personal loans and you can even apply at selected retailers who have partnered with major banks and provide personal loans under their own brands. If you don’t feel like leaving your home you can even apply online at various websites .

You will still need to meet the credit criteria of the various institutions , but the days of making an appointment with your bank manager are long gone. In fact applying online provides you with several distinct advantages that you just don’t get if you were to approach your bank.

These are some of the advantages of applying for a personal loan online ;

  • The most significant advantage is the convenience factor – you fill in an online form and fax off some details and usually receive an answer within 24 hours , without even leaving your home.
  • Fast approval – although banks are geared to approve quickly the online process is set-up to reduce any delays in the application and approval process.
  • Typically most online personal loan providers use the services of a few banks and lenders and are therefore able to shop around for the best deal for you. In some cases the interest savings can be quite significant.
  • Even if you don’t have a clear credit record many online providers will be able to assist you with a personal loan. In most cases the major banks will not be willing to take on these cases.

It may seem like the days of personalised banking are over where the bank manager actually knew you by name. Modern banking has become very impersonal and most banks despite what they say in their advertising only see you as a number and don’t really care about your personal situation. Consumers are starting to take more control of their personal finances in this environment and using the services of online loans providers is an important step in taking charge.

What should you keep in mind when applying for a personal loan online ,

  • Basically the same considerations that apply when applying at your local branch. The most important issue is can you afford the repayments.
  • What is your current level of debt – all lenders will look at this.
  • Consider all the options available – make use of the financial calculators available here . These can provide you with useful information on repayments and also allow you to test various scenarios and assumptions.

Making an informed decision using all the resources available online has made life significantly easier for consumers and prospective lenders.

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